Project leaders

The team behind the impact academy climate says hi! (Jury bellow)

Julian Alexandrakis (né Jerlich)

Project Lead, Climate-KIC Germany

Julian Alexandrakis (né Jerlich) got his education studying Business Administration and Geography at Humboldt University Berlin.

From 2009 to 2012, he worked at multiple companies and NGOs, focusing on the themes of cooperative development, sustainability, tourism and city planning.

Since 2013, he has been working as a scientific consultant with the chair for entrepreneurship and innovation management at TU Berlin. Furthermore, as the education manager at Climate-KIC Deutschland, he is responsible for the executive, outreach, and partner programmes they offer.

Anna Lässer

Project Lead Impact Hub Berlin

Anna Lässer is cofounder and program director at Impact Hub Berlin, and studied European Studies at Maastricht and Anthropology at FU Berlin.
As innovation manager, Anna has assisted multiple high-profile companies with the implementation of innovative solutions to sustainability issues. Along with her work at Impact Hub Berlin, she was active as a business coach at the Climate-KIC Summer School „The Journey“ 2014 and coaches Design Thinking the HPI School of Design Thinking.

Nicole Bosquet

Project Assistant at Impact Hub Berlin

Nicole Bosquet is project assistant to support the Impact Academy Climate to happen. She studied International Tourism Management in the Netherlands and holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Tourism Management from the CBS in Cologne. She
gained relevant working experience, while working on issues regarding Climate Change
during an internship at the NGO Germanwatch.

Dominik Beisser

Dominik Beisser is the Climate-KIC Education Manager based at the International Center at Technical University Munich (TUM). He coordinates the Climate-KIC Education activities at TUM, promotes the Impact Academy Climate in southern Germany and will be running one of the final weeks of the Climate-KIC Summer School, The Journey, in Munich this year. He holds a Diploma in Cultural Anthropology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Previously Dominik coordinated international student support programmes and orientation at TUM. Before joining TUM and Climate-KIC, Dominik worked in the field of development cooperation in Cologne and run Projects in Uganda and South Sudan.

Marcel Richert

Marcel Richert is currently working as a research assistant and PhD student at the School of Business, Economics and Social Science of University of Hamburg at the chair of Prof. Dr. Timo Busch. Moreover, he coordinates the Climate-KIC activities in Hamburg.. He holds a diploma in Business Administration and Chemistry from the Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel and the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Marcel Richert worked for companies like tesa AG and The Boston Consulting Group GmbH (BCG) as well as at the Faculty for Chemistry in Kiel.
Previous to his PhD studies he worked as a consultant at BCG where he ran different projects in South Africa and Europe, related to marketing and sales or corporate reorganization.

Nora Kempmann

Nora is Education Lead at Climate-KIC Germany, and holds a Masters degree in Arabic and African Studies from the University of Leipzig.
She has a professional background in teaching and higher education management and worked in various higher education institutions in the Middle East prior to joining Climate-KIC. Within Climate-KIC she manages the Education portfolio in Germany and she is responsible for a number of programmes of the Graduate School, i.e. the Masters programme, Sparks and Greenhouse

Agnes Heinemann

Agnes Heinemann studied Biology in Kiel and holds a Diploma. She wrote her dissertation about the influence of Ocean Acidification on calcifying organisms at Geomar – Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel - and specialized in Marine Biogeochemistry. After her studies she worked in Educational Marketing and at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz where she was the coordinator of the Graduate School. Now she is project officer for the Climate-KIC project Climactio - sustainability in the Chemical Industry at Provadis School of Technology and Management in Frankfurt.

Philipp Freitag

Philipp is research associate at the Chair of Business Administration for Engineers and Natural Scientists at the RWTH Aachen university. Prior to that he has gained relevant working experience as a management consultant. Philipp is supporting the IAC team and is currently setting up the Climate-KIC Accelerator in Aachen.


This jury nominates the most relevant climate ideas:

Susan Dreyer

Director DACH Region, CDP

Susan leads the activities of CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as the Country Director DACH Region. She is also heading a global team that develops CDPs consumer & citizen engagement strategy through pilot projects.

In her previous career she managed European and German equity funds for Deutsche Bank and was recognized with the Lipper “Best German equity fund of the year” and the “German financial book of the year” award. Susan holds a Master degree in economics from the universities of Miami and Heidelberg.

Jewell Sparks

Founder and CEO of Strategic Diversity Group Inc.

Jewell is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Diversity Group Inc. (The BITHOUSE.IO, WUNDERJEWEL, VC Collective and OTGC On the Green Carpet, AgTech2050). She is a global business leader with technical expertise that spans across various industries. She has spent the majority of her professional career assessing and prepping markets prior to the launch of innovative biotech, software technology and electronic products and services.

The last couple of years her focus has primarily been on wearables, IoT and factors which enable adoption, privacy and human interaction of these innovative products being brought to market. As an entrepreneur, innovation strategist, and mentor/advisor for startups, the ex-scientist turned business strategist can usually be found where old + new concepts, processes and industries intersect.

A Silicon Valley transplant, Jewell currently resides in Munich, Berlin with quarterly visits to San Francisco.

Dominik Wind

Co-Founder POC21

Dominik is a strategic designer passionate about open source technology and critical design. He co-founded OpenState, a Berlin-based laboratory for experience design. Currently he´s recovering from POC21, a seven week long innovation camp prototyping open, sustainable solutions for a fossil-free future.

Reimund Schwarze

Professor for International Environmental Economics at the European-University Viadrina

Reimund Schwarze is senior researcher for "Climate Economics” at the Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, and Professor for International Environmental Economics at the European-University Viadrina (EUV), Frankfurt/O, Germany. He is author of several books and journal papers on International Climate Change Policy, and has served as an environmental expert for the German Parliament and the German Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

Malte Schneider

Director, Climate-KIC Germany

Dr. Malte Schneider has spent the last 10 years focused on the challenges of climate change, and how we can facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation to create sustainable solutions.

Following the completion of his studies as an engineer (with a focus on sustainable energy systems), he started a research group at ETH Zürich investigating the effects of various international climate protection strategies on the ability for a company to become innovative.

During this time, he was a consultant at multiple large companies, as well as international political facilities such as the UN for the Future of CO2-markets and Technology transfers.

In 2010, Schneider founded the EU-Network for Climate-KIC, claiming it would move innovation forward concretely and practically. After spending 3 years helping build the organization’s European component, he now participates as a member of the Climate-KIC board and is responsible for all German company activities.

Leon Reiner

Partnership Director, Impact Hub Berlin

Leon Reiner has a background in international development & economics. He previously worked for a consultancy in the social entrepreneurship sector and managed an incubator for social start-ups. On the side Leon build his teaching competencies developing SE courses for different universities and founded the Social Entrepreneurship Education Network to connect educators in the field. With his extensive network and passion to connect stakeholders he will build a lasting partnerships for the Impact Hub Berlin.